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Thermal Vacuum Chamber Test Facility Construction ǧý

Ball Aerospace Technologies – Thermal Vacuum Chamber Test Facility Construction & Installation

Location: Boulder, CO

ǧý was awarded a contract for the construction and installation of a thermal vacuum chamber test facility for Ball Aerospace Technologies, Corp. The scope of work for the facility included the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of a D-shaped thermal vacuum chamber. The chamber is being fabricated of stainless steel with carbon steel stiffeners. ǧý is installing the thermal control units, vacuum valves, vacuum pumps and associated systems. Additionally, the units are being installed with stainless steel vacuum jacketed piping.

Scope of Work

  • Engineering
  • Procurement of all equipment
  • Fabrication of chamber, piping, structural steel
  • Construction
  • Installation of copper pipe
  • Installation of stainless steel pipe
  • Installation of stainless vacuum jacketed pipe
  • Helium leak testing of chamber to 1x10-6 std cc/sec
  • Commissioning and aerospace testing
  • Under vacuum, the floor of the chamber has over 2MM pounds of force pressing on the chamber

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