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Calaveras Power ǧý

Calaveras Power Partners LP – Chimney Liner Construction

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Calaveras Power Partners LP awarded ǧý a project for the construction of a 28 foot diameter chimney liner which is 602 feet tall at their J.K. Spruce (JKS) Power Plant in San Antonio, TX. The coal fired electric generating station owned by City Public Services’ at Calaveras’ site powers 750 MW of power. This is the 3rd stack at this power plant. The scope of work for this cost plus contract was to engineer, fabricate, procure, construct and install the liner for the exhaust of the coal fired plant located southeast of San Antonio. The top 20 feet is composed of solid hastelloy, which requires special welding. The balance of the stack is carbon/hastelloy clad material which also requires special handling and welding.

chimney liner height
chimney liner diameter
commitment to safety

Scope of Work

  • 24 special jacks used to lift the liner sections in place as each ring is installed
  • 30' tall x 20' wide x 20' deep breeching was shop fabricated and shipped in 6 ps to the field where it was erected and lifted into the concrete chimney
  • A transition duct weighing approximately 50 tons was crane lifted and set 127 feet in the air
  • With the use of a helicopter, a rain cap was installed on the top of the liner and Matrix removed the erection platform located at the top of the chimney
  • Upon completion of the installation, our crews cleaned the inside of the liner
Chimney Liner
Calaveras Power Partners LP
20 ft diameter
602 ft tall
San Antonio, TX
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