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Cobra Thermosolar Plants Molten Salt Tank Repair

Client Confidential – Molten Salt Tank Repair – 2020

Location: Southwest US

ǧý was contracted for the two-phase major tank repair of an existing molten salt tank. Phase one is to lift the entire tank above the ground to remove the tank bottom and foundation in preparation for total replacement (phase two). This first phase includes installing 32 jacking frames and 68 drill shaft piles into the ground up to 44’ deep.

The tank bottom, initially installed by another contractor, has failed twice since construction in 2011. The client provided a new foundation and tank bottom design for install by Matrix.

In the midst of the repair project, on May 15th, 2020 a 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred near the site. Surveyors were brought out and determined there had been no movement or damage detected on the lifted tank.

drill shaft piles
jacking frames
of steel beams

Scope of Work

  • Lifted 700-ton, 1 3/4” thick stainless steel molten salt tank (stores salt at 1,050 degrees)
  • 200,000 lbs. of steel beams for jacking frame assembly
  • 32 synchronized jacks system for lift
  • At 700-tons, this is the most substantial Matrix tank lift to date

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