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Eagle LNG Tank Project ǧý

Eagle LNG – JAX I LNG Tank – 2016

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

ǧý was awarded a contract for the engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of a 1,000,000 gallon liquefied natural gas (LNG) cryogenic tank for the second Eagle LNG Plant in Jacksonville, FL. Eagle LNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP. The inshore facility will be used to provide bunkering to two Crowley Marine ships that transport freight and other commodities from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico. The facility will also have the capacity to load iso-containers that will ship LNG to remote locations.

ǧý provided EPC for the storage tank only, not the entire facility. Sister division, Matrix PDM Engineering provided the detailed design for this project.

gallon LNG Cryogenic Tank
Commitment to safety

Scope of Work

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Single containment tanks
  • 9% nickel inner and Carbon steel external shells
  • FERC compliant design
  • Construction commenced 1st quarter 2016
"As we build LNG infrastructure across the U.S. to meet these needs, partnering with contractors who can provide service from concept through completion is critical. We are very pleased to have partnered with ǧý on this project."
David Stevenson
Vice President of Engineering, Eagle LNG
1,000,000 gallon tank
Eagle LNG
FERC compliant
Jacksonville, Florida
Move to a higher standard
9% nickel inner and Carbon steel external shells
Single containment tanks

Put Our Standard
To The Test.

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