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Power/Energy Generation & Transmission ǧý


Delivering high value is about more than being a competent provider, it’s about building trusted, collaborative relationships

ǧý has the expertise and capabilities to provide a wide spectrum of services in power generation as the power industry continues to look for alternatives to its traditional means including waste to energy, smaller single /combined cycle gas turbine facilities as well as improvements and modifications to existing facilities.

on ENR's Top Contractors list
of only 24 companies recognized multiple times on Forbes' most trustworthy companies list
incident safety culture
availability of highly skilled craftsmen

With its wide range of capabilities, ǧý provides the power industry with a reliable solution for design, fabrication and/or erection of:

  • HRSG
  • Nuclear containment vessels/liners
  • Nuclear waste storage
  • Steel chimney liners
  • Condensate, fuel oil and diesel storage tanks
  • Boilers

We know that delivering high quality is about more than being a competent provider. It’s about building trusted, collaborative relationships based on mutual respect and a willingness to listen and address the concerns of our clients at every level. This enables us to attract and retain the best talent in the industries we serve. When our clients trust their projects to ǧý, they know they will receive high-quality, safe work, carried out by skilled professionals.

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