Radiant Replacement Project won the NWCCC award for Distinguished Project over $10MM & the Safety Excellence Award

ǧý is excited to announce the Radiant Replacement Project won the NWCCC award for Distinguished Project over $10MM & the Safety Excellence Award.  The NWCCC Distinguished Project Awards program recognizes excellence in the engineering, design, and construction of projects completed or nearing completion by Northwest Construction Consumer Council (NWCCC) members during the prior two years.

Being that ǧý is a member of the NWCCC, BP submitted a nomination for the recently completed Calciner Waste Heat Recovery Improvement Project. While the overall project is recognized by the NWCCC’s awards, Matrix was the primary mechanical & structural contractor. We were recognized alongside several other supporting contract partners such as Mills Electric, Barnhart, Safeway, JT Thorpe, and PCI who provided electrical, crane, scaffolding, refractory, and insulation support. In addition, Matrix was awarded the Safety excellence award.  The project totaled 133,047 man-hours with zero lost workday cases as well as zero OSHA Recordable injuries.  Project manager Rylan Donnelly stated that “Achieving a zero on a project like this is incredibly special considering the work involved in complex critical lift crane activities, consistent work at elevation, hot work activities and simultaneous operations to execute a replacement-in-kind retrofit, unlike any project the site has previously undertaken.”

In terms of process, BP’s Calciner unit is unique among Matrix’s other client facilities in the refining space.  With Matrix’s long tenure within the BP facility, it enabled the company to gain valuable expertise in the project planning phases which reduces the risk to people, and other processes as well as continually offering efficiencies throughout the execution stages.  While phases like this are certainly not uncommon, the work that was performed to retrofit a 44-year-old system to incorporate new, large critical components included certain complexities that are unique from our typical maintenance and turnaround services that are performed at BP Cherry Point.

This project is based around a Calciner Unit having three waste heat recovery trains that produce steam for the refinery.  This project pertained to the first two trains in a relatively small courtyard which involved a replacement of the radiant as well as the convection sections on each. The existing equipment was installed in 1978, reaching its end of life.

ǧý is proud of the work performed on this project as well as the awards associated!